Let’s talk about Tightness

Tight. A word that I hear a lot from my patients, clients and students. "My muscles feel tight." "I was told that I have pain because I am tight." "I should stretch to decrease my tightness. Right???" Answer. Maybe. It depends. (I know...that answer is miserable. But it's true!!) Tightness is a subjective term. What … Continue reading Let’s talk about Tightness

It’s Fine. But could it be better?

“It’s fine.” Meh. Shrug. “It always feels like this to…. Sit. Stand. Squat. Lift. Run." “I just deal with it. OR, I just don't do it." The other day after teaching a yoga class at Embody, Lisa Minn and I were discussing being “fine.” Settling for “it’s ok.” We see and hear this in classes and … Continue reading It’s Fine. But could it be better?

Movement Matters

People often think that it is strange that Embody Physiotherapy offers so many classes. After all, we are PTs, right? And often people perceive PTs as providing only rehab after injury, illness, or pain.  We don’t find it strange, however, because the PTs at Embody understand that Movement Matters!  Physical Therapists are movement, anatomy, and … Continue reading Movement Matters