Movement Matters

People often think that it is strange that Embody Physiotherapy offers so many classes. After all, we are PTs, right? And often people perceive PTs as providing only rehab after injury, illness, or pain.

 We don’t find it strange, however, because the PTs at Embody understand that Movement Matters!  Physical Therapists are movement, anatomy, and function experts, and at Embody we understand that Yoga, Tai Chi and other Fitness classes can create change! We want our clients, patients, and students to feel confident in movement, strength, and balance as they go through the day and life.

Physical activity is a key component of a healthy and well lifestyle, and regular  movement, whether dance, yoga, Tai Chi, weight lifting, dancing…you name it, can also have an IMMEDIATE impact on our mental health and fitness! The brain and the body are intimately connected. The brain is the master control for our movements, but how we move can also affect how you think and how you feel physically! The brain hears everything the body says so to speak, and vice versa! Good movement feels good!

The American Academy of Sports Medicine and the ACA recommend 180 minutes of MODERATE activity (one great definitiatn is that you can talk but not sing) a week, and strength training 2 times/week.  Strength training benefits as we age increase; maintaining or increasing strength are vital for healthy aging and remaining well, independent, and mobile!

In addition to strength and mobility, many forms of physical activity create a series of chemical events that help to improve brain function and mood. Your current level of fitness is improved by any number of exercises and movements, practiced anytime anywhere to create strength, mobility, and balance!  

It’s important to participate in activities that you find enjoyable. This is why we offer classes AND why we work with you individually to help you build a program to meet your needs and that you will do (perhaps the most challenging part of exercise…keeping with it!).

So why classes?

  1. It’s fun to be with other people, now a days, even if via internet! We support one another, laughing when something is a challenge, celebrating when it becomes easier and you note positive changes.
  2. They are affordable and accessible. Even if  online, we offer modifications. Especially if you ask!
  3. Exercise and movement class may enhance and improve your focus and focus (this is true of moderate exercise in general
  4. We stick with them if we find them enjoyable.

Sometimes classes are not a great option for you. Some people do not enjoy classes and are more comfortable working one to one. Sometimes you do not feel ready for a class; perhaps you are not confident in your movement and strength, or pain keeps you from moving as freely as you would like. Movement IS for all, and we work individually with people in PT, yoga, Tai Chi or in other fitness modes to help you build and be well!

Embody Physiotherapy offers several types of classes and services to help you move and explore balance, mobility and strength:

**Yoga classes. Yoga is a centuries old movement practice that connects the body, the brain, and the breath. Often people view yoga as flexibility, but at Embody we build strength, balance, mobility, and connection. We are able to modify the poses and postures to meet the individual!  Yoga Classes are scheduled throughout the week and are taught by Rebecca Meehan PT WCS DPT and by Lisa Bollheimer Minn, PT PYT

**Tai Chi classes. Tai Chi is another ancient exercise practice based on the alignment or movement, breathing, and mindfulness. Like Yoga, it can reduce low mood, help with strength, balance, and is fun! These classes are NEW at Embody. Lori Kennah, PT DPT with much training and experience in Tai Chi will be offering classes at Embody in 6 Week series.

**Core and Pelvic Floor Fitness classes. Combining knowledge and training in various exercise and fitness forms, these classes emphasize the trunk, pelvic floor, and postural muscles to create strength and stability in multiple movements and activities. We will utilize Low Pressure Fitness as, resistance, and body weight to build and develop. Rebecca Meehan combines knowledge in pelvic and core health, yoga and other fitness techniques in the next 6 week series throughout the year.

**Wellness and PT. Are you ready to begin a new exercise program or would like to begin but not sure how to start? Ask how we can work with you to address specific concerns and help you develop a program that fits your needs. Whether modifying an online program, developing a home exercise and fitness program, getting you ready to hike on a trip, bike ride, or golf, we can help you.

 Embody PT works with you  to meet your goals for strength, movement, balance, strong bones, long posture and less pain after pregnancy, surgery, injury, illness and because of changes associated with life!

What are your goals and needs? Together, we can make them happen!


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Rebecca Meehan PT WCS PYT is founder and owner of Embody Physiotherapy & Wellness and is passionate about creating otpions for people to move, feel strong, and to live well. She received her Medical Therapeutic Yoga Certifications from the PYT and has studied Franklin Movement Method and Bones for Life. She is currently working on certification for Low Pressure Fitness (having completed Level 1). Rebecca brings her knowledge as a PT into her yoga, fitness, and bone health classes, and her movement studies into her PT treatments. Reach Rebecca at