Yoga, Tai Chi Classes & Workshops

We are happy to announce that all classes are in-person at 400 Broad Street or are on-line. What works best for you?

Movement Matters! Embody PhysioYoga combines the movement and strength building expertise of physical therapy with the ancient science of yoga to provide a functional, integrative and whole person form of treatment. Through one-on-one treatment sessions or group classes, PhysioYoga delivers a new model for health, fitness, and holistic prevention and rehabilitation. PhysioYoga can help you decrease the risk of chronic disease, manage chronic or new pain, manage stress, and promote lifelong healthy habits. We meet you where you are–regardless of age, gender, orthopedic concerns or previous injuries, strength, or flexibility. Together, we build balance, strength, and confidence.

All of our classes are Pelvic Floor and Bone Health safe, but if you have concerns about ability to participate or your health, please contact

Rebecca Meehan PT PYT WCS offers one-on-one treatment sessions or group classes to fit your needs and your schedule. Through an individual treatment, we can develop a program tailored to your needs and goals, combining yoga with manual therapy and specialized exercise techniques. Our group classes offer ample modifications, allowing you to scale the program to fit your abilities.

“I have been doing yoga for over 15 years and taking Becki’s class showed me a level of core strength that will forever change the way that I practice. I feel so much stronger and grounded in poses that have always been more challenging for me.” Ellen, 2022

Movement, PhysioYoga and Tai Chi are for everyone–no experience is needed.

Embody Physiotherapy is happy to announce that Lisa Bollheimer Minn PT and yoga instructor and Lori Kennah PT and Tai Chi instructor are offering classes at Embody PT. Both Lori and Lisa bring experience in these movement modalities and a passion for teaching and exploring ways to create change, balance, and mobility to their classes.



Gain strength and balance while exploring movement and breath.

  • Monday 12:00-1:00 PM ET
  • Monday Yoga, Core and Pelvic Floor 6:30 – 7:45 p.m ET
  • Wednesday 9 – 10:15 a.m. ET
  • Thursday 11 a.m. – 12:15 p.m ET
  • When you purchase a class pass below, we will email you the links for classes. If you have questions or concerns about PhysioYoga, please email

10 Class Package, Purchase Here (10 Classes, $120.00)

Single Yoga Class, Purchase Here (1 Class, $18.00)

Yoga Classes with Lisa Bollheimer Minn, DPT PYT

Slow Flow Yoga, Fridays at Noon. This 50-minute class consists of mindful, slow-flow movement that emphasizes optimal body alignment, core muscle activation, stability and balance.

Elemental Flow Yoga, Tuesdays at 7PM. This hour long class will erase the effects of your stressful day. Each session will begin with a short meditation to slow down the mind and to shift our focus to the body and the breath.

Register here or email for more information.

Tai Chi For Health Class

May 12, 2022- June 2 2-2:45 PM Series $60.00

Join Lori Kennah, PT DPT and Tai Chi Instructor for this 4 week beginner class series. Tai Chi may help you to improve your strength and balance through gentle movement.

Let Lori guide you through fun, relaxing motion to reduce the stress of everyday life while enhancing your breath and connection to movement and confidence in function. No experience is needed!

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Embody Physiotherapy childbirth education Classes to assist in your pregnancy, Labor, Delivery, and Postpartum recovery

Your Pelvic Floor and Core: Pregancy, Labor and Delivery, and Beyond

From a prior participant (and new mom):
“All told from water breaking to birth, the process was …., but it went very smoothly thanks to quite a few of your lessons.(partner) was able to help me through mobility and breathing towards the end to speed up the process. Thank you for your help.” 

This Childbirth Preparation class will be held in person or you may attend online. It is for first time parents AND for those of you who have delivered previously. We ALL benefit from knowledge, AND from a toned and supple pelvic floor! Join in to learn:

  •  How the pelvic floor and core work together and provide exercises to help develop a supple and toned pelvic floor for labor and delivery.
  •  Breath, motion, and techniques that can support you and assist in mobility during labor
  • Positions, breath, and movments to facilitate delivery.
  • Techniques and items that can support you during pregnancy and in your postpartum days will be demonstrated. 

After the baby is born, you need knowledge and information to assist you in the early days of recovery and early healing! We will: 

  • Provide tips and techniques for pelvic floor and abdominal support and care in the early days after the baby  is born
  • Techniques to assist you in mobility and comfort in your early postpartum days. 
  • Basic information to asist with Peeing and Pooping, posture and lifting after giving birth

For more information and to register, click here. After you register, you will receive a Zoom link and handouts. Video recordings of exercises are provided after the class. AND, registrants receive a $20 discount on evaluation or their next appointment with Embody Physiotherapy, valid before or after the baby arrives (within 4 months of attending the class, please). You will also receive a recording of the class to review the information and exercises.

May 4, 2022 6:30-8:30 PM

June 15, 2022 6:30-8:30PM

July 27, 2022 6:30-8:30 PM

August 31, 2022 6:30-8:30 PM


Nourishment for Movement and Wellness, May 18, 2022

Health is Wealth, and nourishing body, brain and soul is a large part of our health! 

Join registered dietician Jess DeGore in this FREE evening discussion to gain some simple and actionable nutirition advice to nourish your body.  She will answer questions and explore roadblocks you might be experiencing in your food journey. 

Wednesday May 18, 2022 7-8:30 PM at Embody Physiotherapy in Sewickley OR join in via zoom. 

Rebecca Meehan PT will discuss some guidelines for exercise and fitness, and ways to help you meet your health goals. 

AND, because Jess and Rebecca both enjoy treats and teas, we will have some treats to taste and sample. Nourishment and movement CAN be fun and taste good! 

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