“Thank you so much for everything! From one PT to another: you improved my quality of life and helped make it fun again!” CB December 2022

“Becki demystified what we haven’t been taught about our bodies. She made sure we were comfortable throughout the class. I learned so much about myself (and muscles I didn’t know I had!)” EG 2022

Wanted to tell you that the tip about changing my positions is so helpful!  Just a small change when I’m cooking, standing, does work and gives me more time. LF, Feb 2022

I’m proof!! Thanks to you and the RUSI biodfeedback and training at Embody, I have been OFF OF DETROL for 3 years! Urgency and frequency GONE! AG, Dec 2021

Becki was incredibly helpful in providing me with information and resources. She is knowledgeable and the right person to go to for PT support! KR, August 2021

Becki at Embody literally changed my life! I was dealing with pain that many people didn’t understand or give the time to understand. Becki listened, developed a plan, and was one of my strongest supporters. Embody looks at the whole person and works with each individual-the best around! E Hollabaugh, Nov 2020

How do you unfailingly put me back together every time I start to come apart?!? And do so virtually? KC, Nov 2020, a Telehealth Physical Therapy Client

I highly recommend Embody for anyone that has “tried PT before and it didn’t work” or anyone frustrated with medical recommendations and treatment without seeing results. The Embody approach is holistic and positive with an integration of science with clinical skills, experience, and the art and science of yoga therapy. I know that I have a healthcare partner that I trust to help me along my path of lifelong wellness. – CO (physical therapy patient)

About 9 months after having a cesarean section I started having severe abdominal muscle cramps. I researched online for someone who specialized in postpartum issues and was fortunate enough to come across Embody. After a detailed evaluation by Rebecca Meehan she discovered underlying reasons for this issue. She was extremely accommodating and opened her schedule on Saturdays for my appointments. We communicated frequently via email. Rebecca developed a program of exercises I could do at home and in the office. I am grateful for her help and recommend her to anyone having postpartum troubles. -PF (physical therapy patient)

Even before I was formally diagnosed with stage 3 pelvic organ prolapse, I researched solutions. I really didn’t want to have surgery unless it is a last resort, and I want to stay active – hiking, long walks, yoga, gardening. There really is a solution if you are willing to devote some time and effort. I found Embody Physiotherapy and after discussion with my urogynecology doctor and PA, requested a referral. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve continued to do the breathing exercises daily and include a mix of the other exercises in my morning stretching routine. So far, so good! I’ve put in 100 miles walking or hiking nearly every month this summer, gone back to yoga classes knowing the modifications to make, and rarely have an issue. Does this PT make the prolapse go away? No. Does it make it manageable? Most definitely! For your own peace of mind, I highly recommend working with Embody for several sessions before making a decision about surgery. I think that if you are willing to heed her advice, you will be amazed! – KC (physical therapy patient)

I went to Embody PT for a number of weeks and Becki clearly helped me with my post-op neck issues. She was really able to help me in understanding the dynamics of correcting my posture and how by doing specific exercises my range of motion would improve as well as my strength. She worked with me to help me establish better ways of exercising and really gave me the tools that I needed to move forward. I continue to do those exercises daily as I am committed to staying active and healthy. I am grateful to her for heading me in the right direction. – EKS (physical therapy patient)

I wanted to send my sincerest thanks to you for seeing me at my very lowest and helping me process what was happening to me and how to begin to move forward. Thank you for saying that I could get back to running with time. I won’t ever forget that, especially when so many others told me I needed to be done. Thank you for doing what you do. – ST (physical therapy patient)

Working with Embody as a mentor for my professional life has allowed me to discover and implement my desires/goals for my career as a PT.  I have started my own practice to allow me room for treating patients, teaching and continue to support my blog. – KV (health and wellness coaching)

I’m a CrossFit trainer and to a lot of us “PT” might as well be a dirty word. Not here though. Embody works hand-in-hand with me and my trainers to get athletes back into the gym with the best outcomes. If you’re looking for an effective PT with superb knowledge and a “let’s get you back to doing what you love” approach then look no further! – GT