Pregnancy, L&D, and Postpartum

Pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum time bring some of the most incredible changes that your body will ever go through.   You experience changes in posture, balance, and mobility related to the growing baby and  the pelvis and the pelvic floor support system undergo changes during pregnancy and during labor and delivery.

Often, people consider Physical Therapy only when they are having pain, weakness, or mobility and balance concerns, but as anatomy and movement experts, a Physical Therapist with special knowledge and training for pregnancy is the perfect person to have on your team for pregnancy, labor and delivery, and after the baby arrives!  

From the : “ PT during pregnancy can be useful for remedying back (and other musculoskeletal)l pain during pregnancy, and for enabling your body’s ability to have a smoother pregnancy and birth.”  

At Embody Physiotherapy & Wellness, we provide a comprehensive approach to assist you at any point during your pregnancy and after the baby arrives.

 We work with you to address:

  • Changes in the center of gravity, and stresses on ligaments, muscles and other soft tissues (including Diastasis/DRA)
  • Postural changes, joint and spine position and alignments
  • Strength, mobility, and balance
  • Pelvic floor health and changes
  • Exercise modifications (if needed) during pregnancy, and return to exercise/sports after birth
  • Preparation for Labor and Delivery. PTs are not typically with you during labor and delivery, but we will provide you with tools, techniques, and knowledge to assist with L&D
  • Postpartum Recovery including pain, urinary and bowel concerns, and pelvic prolapse in the early days and later. Please contact Rebecca Meehan to discuss the best time to begin your postpartum recovery.

We utilize a comprehensive approach with our ultimate goal being to help YOU be your most confident in your body, to feel well, and to be prepared for birth. After birth, we work with you to regain mobility, strength, and confidence as you return to the demands of everyday life, exercise, and activity. Building a well-toned and coordinated pelvic floor and core assists with function, decreased pain, and improved continence….All wins in our book!

“I started this class to prepare my body for pregnancy. Becki shared postures with us that I can use in advance of getting pregnant and others that can be used during. I feel ready and more confident to go through this wonderful transformation!” Ellen 2022

Childbirth Education classes are being offered in person or on line/virtual. The option is yours! In these classes we teach:

*Breath techniques to lengthen, support, and strengthen the pelvic floor

*Strengthening and mobility for the core

*Techniques to support the spine, hips, core and pelvic floor during pregnancy, delivery and early postpartum days

* Mobility and positioning suggestions for labor and delivery

*Posture and support suggestions for pregnancy and early postpartum

*And more! Each class provides this information, and flows according to the questions of the participants.

What will meet your needs and support you best? Questions?

From a recent Prepare for the Pelvic Floor for Labor participant (and new mom): “All told from water breaking to birth, the process was…. hours, but it went very smoothly thanks to quite a few of your lessons. (My Partner) was able to help me through mobility and breathing towards the end to speed up the process. Thank you for your help.

It is never too soon to request a consultation with us and about ways to support yourself during pregnancy and after, AND it is NEVER too late!  Your body undergoes amazing changes during pregnancy; we’re here to help you during that time and at any point after.

Low Pressure Fitness (LPF) is a breath, core, posture, and fitness program that helps new (and not new) moms retrain core and pelvic floor. Rebecca is certified in LPF and is utilizing these techniques with individual clients.

Learn more about LPF here.

Contact Rebecca to learn more about how she can help you be at your best during and after pregnancy! Schedule a free Discovery Consultation to let her know your concerns and ask questions:    412-259-5342  or

In addition to individual services for our clients, we provide Labor and Postpartum Preparation Workshops. All are currently Online and live stream, and the workshops are recorded. Find information and schedules here.

Pregnancy and Delivery bring many changes! Rebecca Meehan PT is a Pelvic and Core Health Specialist, and ready to answer your questions. Schedule a FREE Discovery Consultation to learn more.