Embody PT Clients

What’s holding you back from the life you want?

Pain, discomfort, and incontinence with movement are common–but not normal. There are solutions to help you gain function, increase mobility, and decrease pain. You don’t have to suffer through or constantly wonder “Is this normal?”

At Embody, we work with:

  • Pregnant and postpartum women to help you have a smooth pregnancy and at any point after giving birth, including diastasis, pelvic prolapse, pain, and pelvic ring pain. More information here.
  • Women experiencing Pelvic Floor Pain, Endometriosis, Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP), Pain with Intercourse, and Bladder Leakage, Frequency, and Urgency.
  • Male Pelvic Health concerns including pelvic pain and Post-prostatectomy Leakage.
  • Anyone experiencing Back Pain, muscle, or joint pain and arthritis
  • People experiencing Fecal incontinence, GI concerns, IBS, and constipation
  • Pediatric Pelvic Helath concerns including encopresis, bed-wetting, and daytime wetting
  • People experiencing changes related to menopause including osteoporosis and pelvic floor changes
  • People who want to live life to the fullest without pain and with confidence
  • All genders

Dyspareunia/Pain with Intercourse *** Incontinence *** Pelvic Prolapse *** Back Pain ***Arthritis Endometriosis *** Encopresis *** Bed wetting *** IBS & Constipation *** Pelvic Pain *** Diastasis

All of these words have negative connotations. You have possibly been told that “it’s part of growing older” “it’s a part of having babies” “it’s something to be expected afer prostatectomy” “”It goes with menopause” AND More. What if we told you that there are solutions and answers?

You don’t need to suffer in pain or limit your function and activities. Let us join you on this journey to wellness and easier function!