Welcome to Embody Physiotherapy and Wellness

What’s holding you back from a pain-free life? What’s keep you from doing the things you love?

Wellness and function are a journey–let us join you on it! At Embody, you’ll experience:

  • One-on-one evaluations and treatment
  • Personalized rehabilitation and wellness plans
  • Care before, during, and after pregnancy
  • PREhab; evaluation and planning before surgeries
  • One-on-one or class-based PhysioYoga for all instruction levels
  • In-person or telehealth consultations and appointments
  • Free 20 minute PT or wellness consultation; discover if Embody is the right place for YOU!
  • Assessment and Biofeedback using RUSI (Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging). More information here
  • Integrative Health and Wellness with a Whole-body approach

At Embody, you’re more than a number. Looking for more? Contact us today to learn if Embody is right for you, or schedule an appointment!

Request your copy of “6 Easy Tips for Spine and Pelvic Health” HERE
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Rebecca Meehan PT WCS PYT welcomes you to Embody Physiotherapy & Wellness. The Embody PT approach is tailored to meet your goals and needs; providing expert one-on-one physical therapy, strengthening and improving mobility through physioyoga classes, and pelvic floor and core care during pregnancy and postpartum. All ages. All genders. All stages of life. We’re here for you.