Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are movement and anatomy experts. It’s our job to bridge the gap between your goals and your restrictions with hands-on, personalized treatment. We act as facilitators, helping you gain strength, mobility, and learn how to function with your body–not against it.

Some of the aims of Physical Therapy are:

  • To improve or restore your functional ability
  • To improve coordination, strength, mobility and balance
  • To improve pain
  • To prevent injury or future problems

The therapists at Embody can help you with:

  • Pelvic floor and core problems including incontinence, prolapse, diastasis, pain with intimacy and pelvic pain
  • Tendon, muscle and joint injuries and problems such as arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Balance and mobility problems
  • Deconditioning and recovery from illness, injury or surgery
  • Preparation for surgery, labor and delivery and postpartum
  • Prevention

I went to Embody PT for a number of weeks and Becki clearly helped me with my post-op neck issues. She was really able to help me in understanding the dynamics of correcting my posture and how by doing specific exercises my range of motion would improve as well as my strength. She worked with me to help me establish better ways of exercising and really gave me the tools that I needed to move forward. I continue to do those exercises daily as I am committed to staying active and healthy. I am grateful to her for heading me in the right direction.

We offer personalized appointments to meet your needs. After an initial evaluation appointment, your therapist will work with you to create and progress an exercise and treatment plan that gets you on the path to better function and less pain.

If you’re unsure what appointment type is right for you, or whether Embody is a fit for you, we offer free 20-minute wellness consultations. For information about insurance coverage and rates please contact us.

As a client was leaving the office one day, they glanced at my model of the pelvis, and then smilingly commented “I’m not sure I am your demographic.” You see, I was working with this individual for shoulder problems, but had previously worked with them for residual problems after spinal surgery, and at another time for achilles problems. I knew what they(he) meant, though!! I was not treating for pelvic floor specific problems. But this comment is exactly why I do what I do….getting the body parts to communicate and work together as a team as efficiently as possible. We ALL have a pelvis, and sometimes it is one of the areas that I work with at Embody. Always, though, I am looking at the entirety of you and working with you to help you be at your best! …Rebecca