To Kegel or Not to Kegel?

Should I kegel? Should I not kegel? How do I kegel? I was told to kegel all of the time!! I was told to NEVER kegel because I have tightness.

These are some of the statements that I frequently hear from new clients and patients seeking help (and clarification!) for incontinence, prolapse, urge and frequency, pain, and more!

The answer? Because everyone has a different reason for their weakness, incoordination, tension, stiffness, and pain the way that we retrain and create change in the pelvic floor muscles and the core team must be different as well! One size does not fit all!

I share some information about the pelvic floor and core team and some basic do’s and don’ts for pelvic health in this video.

Let me know how I can help you to feel confident in your pelvic health and to create a supple, toned, and responsive pelvic floor for day to day life, recreation, sports, and intimacy.

Rebecca Meehan PT WCS PYT is a physical therapist with specialized training and certification in pelvic health. She is also a yoga therapist, and is owner of Embody Physiotherapy & Wellness. Rebecca is passionate about helping her clients and patients meet their goals for improved mobility, strength, function, and pain at all stages and ages of life. You can reach Rebecca at