Why Are We Still Talking About Incontinence?

Why Are We Still Talking About Incontinence?                                       

This week is World Continence Week and I am taking a few minutes to write about why this is so important!  Why are we still talking about this? 

Because urinary incontinence is a big deal!

30% of Women are affected by urinary incontinence world wide.  Incontinence may start in a small way and, if untreated, it will increase in severity and frequency with aging.  In addition, most all scholarly studies around incontinence report how this condition is significantly under reported!  The most prevalent form of incontinence is stress incontinence – that is the type of leakage women experience with coughing, laughing, sneezing, jumping, lifting etc.  There is also urge incontinence that women can also experience with a sudden urge to void that cannot be controlled.  Many women will experience both types of incontinence know as mixed incontinence.

Because urinary incontinence has been normalized in our culture

Most women really try to ignore leaking or will “write if off” by believing that it is normal with running, lifting heavy weights or following the birth of a child (hence the under-reporting).

Because urinary incontinence is embarrassing

Everyone who experiences a loss of urine has had an embarrassing moment.  However, the continued embarrassment causes women to stop exercising, lifting, swimming or other beloved activities.  The withdrawal and isolation is not healthy for anyone.

Because Women in developing countries are literally ostracized from their communities

As long as young girls are forced into marriage and have babies at these young ages, there are going to be high rates of obstetrical trauma and resulting incontinence.  Unfortunately, for these young girls and women, once the incontinence begins, they are removed from their societal organizations due to the stigma involved.

Because urinary incontinence products should come with a warning label

Urinary products have their place and provide protection and reduction of odor with incontinence.  This should be used as a temporary measure while effective health care procedures and therapies are administered.  Make no mistake about it – if left untreated – it will worsen with age!   The number 1 reason for admission to a nursing home is incontinence!

Because good health care should be addressing urinary incontinence

Incontinence should not be normalized!  Incontinence can be successfully treated!  Talk to your health care provider today for effective treatment options to live a full and active life.

If you are interested in solving (or preventing) your incontinence problem – give us a call at Embody Physiotherapy & Wellness for some answers and solutions! 

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