A Patient Success Story: Pelvic Pain

Perhaps this has happened to you: you have pain or other health concerns, go to the healthcare provider, and they give meds, offer surgery, or you are told that you must learn to “live with it”without resolution to your problem. As PTs, we work with a number of women-and men-who have been told that there is nothing that can be done, given meds, or have decided that they just must “live with it” as CO writes below. We love forming a team with our patients/clients as happened here; to be able to assist with wellness and health for life in addition to the immediate goal of “feeling better”. We thank CO for sharing!

As a Physical Therapist, it is very frustrating when I cannot help myself and need to seek the assistance of another PT. It’s also a challenge as I have a very specific expectation of the quality of the therapy experience I want to receive. Although I have had to seek PT help a couple of times after the age of 40 following acute low back pain and was overall pleased with the care I received, I never experienced the high value personal touch I received after seeking treatment at Embody Physiotherapy from Rebecca Meehan.

I had struggled with right lower pelvic pain for several years that was medically treated and monitored with surgery, pelvic ultrasounds, and recommendations to trial birth control pills. As the pain only occurred once or twice a month for 1-2 days, I resigned myself to live with it (something I would never advise one of my patients to do!). The pain frequency and intensity started increasing in the fall of 2015 and after negative diagnostic testing, I followed the recommendation of my OB/GYN and started a trial of birth control pills for hormonal regulation. My pain continued to get worse, I was experiencing symptoms 3-4 days a week, and the pain was not responsive to my regular does of ibuprofen or the prescription NSAIDS prescribed by my OB/GYN. After a particularly bad bout of pelvic pain accompanied by vomiting and a low grade fever, my sister (a RN) advised me to go to the ER where all diagnostic testing was negative and I was referred to an internist.

I was incredibly fortunate to be introduced to Embody Physiotherapy and Becki (and Susan) at a continuing education course at their facility 2 weeks after my ER visit. Although the course topic was hip and labral injury, the course instructor, Ginger Garner, also included a lot of information regarding the pelvic floor and visceral and myofascial restrictions that can be integrated with hip pain and labral injury and successful rehab. During the course, I booked an evaluation with Becki the following week. Although I am board certified in orthopedics with a specialty in manual therapy, the specialties of pelvic floor treatment, visceral mobilization, and women’s health were practice areas in which I did not have a great deal of experience or knowledge.

After only a few sessions of manual treatment, myofascial release, corrective exercise, and a comprehensive home/self-management program, my pelvic pain resolved and I have been pain free for the past 6 months. I also resumed running and was able to successfully and painlessly compete in the Pittsburgh Marathon relay in May of 2016. I continue to see Becki intermittently for home program progression and maintenance. I also have committed to my care and well-being by seeing Becki twice a month for yoga therapy and this has proved an invaluable experience, well worth the investment as the results are incremental and long term. I highly recommend Embody and Becki Meehan for anyone that has “tried PT before and it didn’t work” or anyone frustrated with medical recommendations and treatment without seeing results. The Embody approach is holistic and positive with an integration of science with clinical skills, experience, and the art and science of yoga therapy. I know that I have a healthcare partner that I trust to help me along my path of lifelong wellness.

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