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Therapeutic PhysioYoga to help you explore Balance, Strength, Movement, and New Breath. Restore, Revitalize, Build New Patterns and Postures with Us!

Mondays: 6:30-7:45 PM

Wednesdays: 9-10:15 AM

Thursdays: 11 AM-12:15 PM

Classes to help you gain strength, mobility and balance, and have fun. With EmbodyPhysioYoga we bring Yoga and Physiotherapy together to safely address the entire person, not only a body part. EmbodyPhysioYoga is safe for everyone, including those with pelvic floor problems (such as incontinence, prolpase or pressure), arthritis, spine and neck problems, and osteoporosis/osteopenia. ALL abilities and interests are invited. No experience is needed. 

EmbodyPhysioYoga IS for everyone, but sometimes joint problems associated with arthritis, pain that you experience and live with, or recovery from illness make classes less desirable. We attempt to make classes accessible for all participants but sometimes beginning on a one-to-one basis provides you with more tools for success.

Please email us at to find out if the class you’re interested in is right for you, or to schedule an individual EmbodyPhysioYoga Evaluation and Session.

What are people saying about classes at Embody Physiotherapy?  “Wonderful experience! will definitely return!” and “Always a great experience! I look forward to more classes!”   Thanks KL! Enjoy having you participate!


Pregnancy, Labor Prep, & Post-baby Recovery Workshop March 14, 2020 9:30-11:30 AM

When is the best time to begin to prepare for post-baby core and pelvic floor changes? When you are expecting! Join us for this workshop to prepare for labor and to learn tips and exercises for early days after the baby arrives!

Class Descriptions

Build and Explore Breath, Strength, Balance and Movement

Mondays 6:30-7:45pm Wednesdays 9-10:15 AM Thursdays 11AM-12:15

Follow the “Buy Now” Button to Purchase a Class Package of 10 Classes or purchase when you come to class. May be used for any classes.

Single Class $18.00, 10 Class Package $120.00, 5 Class Package $75.00

Our intention in these classes is for improved breath, confidence in strength, stability and mobility, and improved ability to find your balance in life.

Enjoy the challenge of exploring something new and learning new breath techniques, ALL of them incorporating pelvic floor and abdominal/core appropriate for everyone, including those with pelvic floor concerns. The class is based on Medical Therapeutic Yoga and is appropriate for all, including those with Pelvic Floor concerns (and newer moms), joint and arthritis concerns, spine and neck problems, osteoporosis and bone health concerns, and for individuals during and after cancer treatment…or for someone who wants a class to learn to move DIFFERENTLY.
If you are ready to take your practice “off the mat” and carry it into your day, join us. Questions? Please contact to learn which class is best for you.

“MamaStay” Perinatal Yoga Classes;Tuesdays 6:30-7:45 PM Ongoing beginning Feb 18, 2020

A Yoga class that combines yoga, pelvic health, and “core” during pregnancy and in post-partum, allowing all women to prepare, to recover, and to participate. “Stay” means to abide, to be. This class allows you to do just that; to be and to create space, time, breath, and movement for yourself at any stage during your pregnancy or after. A class that incorporates pelvic floor and core, shoulder girdle stability, and spine and hip mobility, and helps you to connect to your changing body whether as you prepare to give birth, or as you restore, recover and rebuild after birth. Bring a friend, your sister, or your mom (yes, moms are welcome and encouraged!!).

No Yoga experience needed. New moms, although 6 weeks is not the “magic” number, if less than 6 weeks post-baby, please have an OK from your midwife or MD, or ask us. CLASS PASS or drop-in rate of $18.00

Purchase a 10 Class Package with the “Buy Now’ Button below, or purchase single classes or a class package when you come to class.

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