Often, clients and patients can feel pulled between practitioners.

At Embody, we believe that YOU are the center  of the team,

and are best served by us all communicating and working together. 

Becki is a very knowledgeable and wonderful person who has helped me with TMJ issues as well as other body discomforts. She knows exactly what she is talking about and has given me a lot of great advice for healthy, pain free living. I enjoy going to her facility and always leave with new ways to improve my life. Thank you Becki and Embody! 

KT August 2019 Learning Ways to Live Her Healthiest Life

Because I wanted to build on improvements I was experiencing in physiotherapy, I started taking the Movement and Yoga Fundamentals classes several months ago. They are fun, affordable, and expertly conducted. I’ve experienced much improvement in flexibility. I would recommend these classes to all ages and mobility levels!


I have really enjoyed your class and am always disappointed when I have schedule conflicts. There are too many yoga classes out there with little to no individualized instruction or modification. Sadly, at our age, I’m learning that the body is more easily injured and takes longer to heal 🙁 I also enjoy the added focus on “my” emotional needs that your class reinforces). 

MF Yoga Class Testimonial

From Embody- notes like this make our day! A class cannot address the needs of each person, but as a therapeutic yoga teacher who is first a PT, I do try to modify as needed for each person, and am always happy to work individually with clients to address specific areas of concerns.

I have known Susan as an Instructor over a number of years. When my problem came up, I knew she was going to be the right person to help me. I took advantage of an e-visit to get started, as I live several hours from the clinic. Susan took the time to listen to my history and was able to offer a few things that I could work on prior to my initial evaluation. At my initial evaluation I was already doing quite a bit better. Over the past few months I have been putting what I have learned into practice both personally and professionally. I am feeling great!


Follow-Up: We love when other health care professionals seek us out and are able to learn personally and professionally!

Gently doing all sorts of motion in small doses to expand capacity and then add to it,  and not staying static too much.


Even before I was formally diagnosed with stage 3 pelvic organ prolapse, I researched solutions. I really don’t want to have surgery unless it is a last resort, and I want to stay active – hiking, long walks, yoga, gardening. There really is a solution if you are willing to devote some time and effort. I found Embody Physiotherapy and after discussion with my urogynecology doctor and PA, requested a referral. I couldn’t be happier… I’ve continued to do the breathing exercises daily and include a mix of the other exercises in my morning stretching routine.

So far, so good! I’ve put in 100 miles walking or hiking nearly every month this summer, gone back to yoga classes knowing the modifications to make, and rarely have an issue. Does this PT make the prolapse go away? No. Does it make it manageable? Most definitely! For your own peace of mind, I highly recommend working with Embody for several sessions before making a decision about surgery. I think that if you are willing to heed her advice, you will be amazed!


Follow-Up: We love that KC is staying in touch with us to keep up us to date with her adventures and successes, but also because she knows that if she has questions or concerns, we are here to help resolve concerns!

Because I wanted to build on improvements I was experiencing in physiotherapy, I started taking the Movement and Yoga Fundamentals classes several months ago. They are fun, affordable, and expertly conducted. I’ve experienced much improvement in flexibility. I would recommend these classes to all ages and mobility levels!


I got a birthday message from Embody today and wanted to send you a message! Today I was able to run my first race since my injury. It was the best birthday present ever and I am overjoyed that I was actually able to do it!

I wanted to send my sincerest thanks to you for seeing me at my very lowest and helping me process what was happening to me and how to begin to move forward. Thank you for saying that I could get back to running with time. I won’t ever forget that, especially when so many others told me I needed to be done. Thank you for doing what you do.


Follow-Up: Seeing our clients progress and return to the activities they love is one of the “WHYS” behind what we do. Hearing back from our clients and patients when they have succeeded makes our day! Congrats to ST for continuing to work on the things that are important to her and meeting her goal!

Thank you! I did it – sat for 3 hours without any problems!


I will be forever grateful for your kind gentleness as you prepared me for my procedure. It was a tremendous help! I’m about 95% and looking forward to returning to yoga. I am referring all of my ‘yogis’ to you!

Kim N 12-11-2018 Happy Patient and Yoga Therapy Participant

I went to  Embody PT for a number of weeks and Becki clearly helped me with my post-op neck issues. She was really able to help me in understanding the dynamics of correcting my posture and how by doing specific exercises my range of motion would improve as well as my strength. She worked with me to help me estblish better ways of exercising and really gave me the tools that I needed to move forward. I continue to do those exercises daily as I am committed to staying active and healthy. I am grateful to her for heading me in the right direction.


I first need to begin by saying that this is a heartfelt, honest review. I am a patient and rarely put anything forth on social media. That being said, I have to say that Becki at Embody may have saved me! I had a partial hysterectomy at 50. I am a nonstop , energetic,upbeat person, but post hysterectomy things changed. Maybe I was part to blame because I got back to my regular lifestyle super quick. I tend to be an over achiever. No pain , no gain type. Thought I was a superhero. I ended up with pelvic floor dysfunction and hyper mobility of my SI joint. Let me tell you that I had been to every specialist you can imagine for almost 6 years of suffering with minimal results. I ran out of PT appointments on insurance and sought out my alternative therapy on my own. After acupuncture and chiropractors that gave me no relief, I happily found Becki. My main reason for seeing her was from an initial call, in which she spent a 30 minutes conversation and with conviction telling me if she could not help, she promised to find someone who could. She is always concerned, caring, and observant in each appointment. Easy accessible if I have questions. Positive and educational In her added classes that i have joined and find great comfort. I have been seeing her now for only 4 months and my life has totally changed. I am nearly pain free , which I have not felt in years. I have been given tools to keep moving forward in a positive recovery and more importantly mindset. Becki has been so important and inspirational in my recovery. I would refer her to anyone seeking physiotherapy with added compassion and inspiration. Lifesaver. 

Elizabeth W  12-6-18    Getting life back

Working with Susan as a mentor for my professional life has allowed me to discover and implement my desires/goals for my career as a PT.  I have started my own practice to allow me room for treating patients, teaching and continue to support my blog.

Kailee Venzin PT and writer 

Everyone benefits from support, guidance, and friendship. We are glad that Kailee sought Embody out, and that she found value in Susan’s knowledge and guidance as she develops her own practice. EPW Testimonial

“Always a great experience! I look forward to more classes!”  and after the next class: “Wonderful experience! will definitely return!”   

KL Class Testimonial

I want to thank you, Becki Meehan, for helping me heal the pain I’ve suffered from for so long. Twelve years ago my 112lb. small-framed body gave birth two a 10lb. 2oz. baby boy. I started experiencing pain during my pregnancy and have suffered with hip, leg and back pain ever since. I’ve had countless PT sessions since then, but the past year was the worst year I experienced yet. I walked into your office so discouraged and exploring stem cell therapy. You listened and offered me gentle reassurance and hope. And after only a small handful of sessions, my pain is gone. GONE! Thank you for listening so intently, for finding the CAUSE of my weakness that caused my issues and created my pain, and for teaching me how to stand and exercise in a way that promoted my healing rather than worsening my issues. This December as I reflect what brought light into my life this year, you’re at the top of my list!   

Pamela S 12/2018

Often, Embody is not the first PT practice that someone goes to, and often the individual finds us because they want a solution, a different set of eyes and approach, and because they KNOW that they are not broken! Meeting Pamela was great, helping her meet her goals was even better!  EPW Solutions for pain!

Becki is knowledgeable and passionate about pelvic health. I don’t hesitate to send past & current clients her way! Michele James-Parham, Amethyst Midwitchery and Womancraft Traditional Midwife, Educator, and Provider. 

Midwife Review

I highly recommend Embody for anyone that has “tried PT before and it didn’t work” or anyone frustrated with medical recommendations and treatment without seeing results. The Embody approach is holistic and positive with an integration of science with clinical skills, experience, and the art and science of yoga therapy. I know that I have a healthcare partner that I trust to help me along my path of lifelong wellness.


I just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks for taking great care of your patients! One of the moms who we recommended to see you was just in the office and talked about how you were very helpful. 

Andrew Rupp, DC June, 2018 Testimonial

About 9 months after having a cesarean section I started having severe abdominal muscle cramps. I researched online for a someone who specialized in post partum issues and was fortunate enough to come across Embody. After a detailed evaluation by Rebecca Meehan she discovered underlying reasons for this issue.  She was extremely accommodating and opened her schedule on Saturdays for my appointments. We communicated frequently via email. Rebecca developed a program of exercises I could do at home and in the office. I am grateful for her help and recommend her to anyone having post partum troubles.


Follow Up: PF recently had fun running a leg of the Pittsburgh Marathon! We LOVE hearing from our patients and students, and celebrating their accomplishments!

Physical therapy like no place else. They care about you as a whole and they make sure you leave feeling like you are on the right path to healing but also like you have a good Health and Wellness support system. Would not go anywhere else!


The professional attention they provide to their clients is second to none. You are treated as an individual by a caring and incredibly knowledgeable staff. I always recommend Embody for anyone seeking physical therapy services.

S. Karas, PT

Rebecca Meehan has focused my one hour therapy sessions on strategies to strengthen muscle groups underlying my back problems, including exercises and props that can be employed at home, while sitting at a desk, or doing long periods of inactivity such as long car rides. She clearly explains how spine mobility is affected by weaknesses in other areas of the body… She has provided innumerable simple ways to approach these issues on my own. In addition to therapy, I have been helped by attending classes at Embody that reinforce the exercises derived from therapy….It has been helpful to supplement my therapy with regular classes that are not only helping me improve back pain, but also overall strength and flexibility.


I’m so happy to have found such a great place to work on my chronic pain! Super helpful, inspirational and a very clean and welcoming studio!


Follow-Up: We LOVE when our clients and students are searching for help and find us! K was searching for a yoga class that she felt was “Safe” for individuals with medical problems, she came to class, and felt empowered and confident!

I am eternally thankful I found my way to Embody Physiotherapy. I could not have been in better hands. A lot is expected of you as a patient as far as following through by showing for appointments and being diligent with your home program but you can expect to reap the rewards. I will always be striving to improve to an even better level of function than I am at now. Thankfully, I know that I am now building on a firm foundation that I never had in the past.


Working with you is one of the best things I’ve done for my health and more women should take the time to do so—I only regret not calling you when Karen first mentioned it to me, (yep, it took me nearly a year!) I also have taken your words about finding space in the day for me— and I’m making it a priority. I’ve also been shutting AND locking the bathroom door to use it.  You’re right—I matter and I need to make my well-being a priority, too.

Thank you—your guidance and knowledge is invaluable! 

K Clark, June 2019

Women tend NOT to take time for themselves, whether be seeking PT or doing something as seemingly simple as privacy and quiet in the bathroom! Creating change and growth!Why Did I Wait?

I’m a CrossFit trainer and to a lot of us “PT” might as well be a dirty word. Not here though. Susan does CrossFit herself and works hand-in-hand with me and my trainers to get athletes back into the gym with the best outcomes. If you’re looking for an effective PT with superb knowledge and a “let’s get you back to doing what you love” approach then look no further!

Gary T, co-owner of CrossFit MindFire

Becky Meehan is very professional. I went to numerous medical professionals and suffered for months. She was the only one who understood my problems and addressed them. In a matter of weeks I was back to feeling normal and functioning much better. Please see her if you’re having problems… trust me you won’t be disappointed!

October 2016

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