At Embody, we put YOU and YOUR goals front and center. Too often our patients, clients, and students have been told or read that what they are experiencing in “normal”, that they are “fine”, and that they should “learn to live with it”. We know that changes and living your best life is not only desirable, it is possible.

Our goal is to help YOU move, live, and function with the strength and ability you need to live without pain and with confidence in your body.
We provide you with solutions and answers. We help you do the things you want to and need to do, whether lifting an infant carrier without pain, walking the dog, running or biking, lifting or walking, or getting up and down from the floor! We help you sleep through the night with less bladder urgency or frequency, and to not have to know where every bathroom is. We provide you with the ability to say “Yes” and to not be left behind (or to not say “NO” because of fear of holding others back!)

Embody provides care and solutions to all individuals, at all stages of life. Our specializations include:

Orthopedic, spine, and arthritis

Visceral Mobilization

Pelvic Floor for women, men, and children

Care before, during and after pregnancy

Menopause related changes, including bone health and pelvic floor

Assessment and Biofeedback utilizing Real Time Ultrasound

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