Online Learning: The Postpartum Abdominal Wall, with Susan Clinton

This course provides the latest in evidence for working with the Postpartum client from the beginning of the postpartum period or any time after in the first 6 months. The course will take a closer look at the role the respiratory diaphragm plays in early and later recovery, tissue physiology, intrabdominal pressure changes and system coordination with the postural muscles. The updates on evidence about diastasis rectus abdominus will be presented along with the theories of support garments and what is helpful with nutrition. THIS COURSE CURRENTLY ON SALE: $75.00

Online Learning with J Wiebe and S Clinton. From the Glottis to the Pelvic Floor: Making Clinical Connections

What role do the intertwined intra-thoracic and intra-abdominal pressure systems have in musculoskeletal and pelvic health dysfunction? This 2.5-hour conceptual introduction (online) will explore the answers to these questions as it relates to common dysfunctions of the lumbo-pelvic, cervico-thoracic region, pelvic health and gut systems.

Online Learning: Gastrointestinal Disorders and the Pelvic Floor with Susan Clinton

Are you looking for ways to broaden your knowledge, but limited ability to travel to classes? Online learning with additional clinical and hands on may be an efficient use of your time. Learn a comprehensive approach to gastrointestinal disorders including bowel and digestion dysfunction through didactic lectures, hands on labs and case study presentations. This approach allows for the consideration of management of multiple factors including nutritional, behavioral, medical-surgical decisions, and advanced physical therapy examination and treatment. A comprehensive approach will lead to improved management of this complex patient, as a varied intervention approach is required to be successful.

 Resource Package – GI Disorders and the Pelvic Floor

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