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Embody Physiotherapy provides continuing education for professionals; evidence-based courses that provide you with clinical information that you can take into the clinic immediately. We host and teach courses that add tools to your professional and personal tool kit.

June, 2020: Current health concerns have limited the ability to hold continuing education in person. We are currently working with Kathe and with Ben to determine best options for these courses. As of the first week in June, they are still “on”. If you have questions, please contact us at We will post updates as we have them.

Pelvic Floor Support Systems in Postpartum Recovery, Pelvic Pain and Prolapse with Kathe Wallace, PT Sewickley, PA

August 29, 2020

This Boost Camp is designed as a one-day intensive continuing education seminar for experienced physical therapists treating pelvic floor dysfunctions. Patient/client management teaching will include identifying pelvic floor muscle diagnoses, as well as advanced examination techniques of female fascia, organ and pelvic floor anatomy applicable to postpartum women, pelvic pain and pelvic organ prolapse (POP).

The course registration fee includes a pre-course home study module and an extensive literature review of scientific articles supporting the concepts taught in the seminar. Review of this information (6-8+ hours) will allow the seminar time to focus on guided examination and treatment techniques practicums

8 CEU PA Pending. requesting DA (note, PA State Board determines the hours and how many are DA vs General)

Registration Fee $295.00 Study module accompanies registration ticket. Start learning today!

Functional Therapeutic Movement and Exercise with Ben Cormack Sept 26-27, 2020 Sewickley PA

This is NOT just another exercise course about sets and reps! It is about applying movement and exercise to people in pain. Exercise and movement are fantastic tools to help our patients but the complexity and uncertainty often present in clinical practice can make its application tough especially with painful problems! What’s the best exercise? Will my patients enjoy or even do it? What if I underload, overload or even make them worse? What does the evidence say I should do? How do I communicate this with my patients? Functional therapeutic movement enables you to navigate this uncertain environment by guiding you in making sense of the evidence around exercise and its application, in a way that will practically apply to your patients in clinic straight away. This can help discard unhelpful, outdated & often detrimental perspectives around movement that are often pervasive amongst therapists and clinicians

Embody Physiotherapy is pleased that we will be one of Ben’s limited US stops in 2020! Don’t miss this insightful course. Receive your early-bird registration by registering soon; space is limited.

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