GI Dysfunction in the Immediate Post-Partum Era with Susan Clinton, PT DScPT

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Why should health care providers care about GI dysfunction in our post natal clients? There is an alignment pelvic health bowel dysfunction in the recovery from pregnancy – but what about all of the other neurophysiologic implications? Exercise choices can actually worsen GI symptoms.  It is time to widen the screen and look at the convergent neurological factors that link autonomic and spinal nerve dysfunction to bowel health.   Discussion of  current research evidence and clinical guidelines to help all of us recognize the implications of neuro/hormonal/chemical physiological drivers. Strategies will be presented to ensure recognition of red flags and understand when to treat and when to refer.  A clinical algorithm will help us make informed choices for effective interventions and actually returning the client to exercise.


At the end of the session each participant will

  1. Describe the changes in the GI system from pregnancy to post-partum
  2. Recognize dysfunction in the GI system including red flags for referrals
  3. Understand the implications of change in the GI system and its effects on post-partum healing, hormonal balance and return to exercise
  4. Plan and design interventions using breath, exercise for optimal recovery
  5. Utilize support and nutrition for improving GI function in the post-partum era – from pregnancy to one year post-partum


Physical Therapist, Physical Therapy Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Midwives, Fitness Professionals