Creating Abundance through Gratitude and Receiving

Our mindset can stop us from achieving our goals and accessing our desires in life.

Eighty percent of the thoughts that the human brain generates are negative. It doesn’t matter what beliefs or values you have. If you have the wrong mindset, it can limit you and hinder your general sense of happiness.

On the other hand, feeding the right mindset is essential for you to create the life you want. 

The Two Types of Mindset

There are two types of mindset coined by the author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey. These are a scarcity mindset and an abundance mindset.

The scarcity mindset is more about focusing on what we don’t have and the obstacles that are limiting us.

Meanwhile, an abundance mindset is about creating opportunities and believing that there are enough resources for everyone to benefit.

Think of what you currently have in your life.

What are you grateful for? What do you appreciate about yourself?

Make a list of the things, situations, or people that make your life rich. This simple exercise can help you realize the abundance around you and open you to an abundance mindset. Achieving this mindset will allow you to see and access all the good available to you, allowing you to attain your goals.   

 Flipping the Script

Now, let’s do an exercise to identify and reframe some of the limiting thoughts you may have throughout a day. 

The following is an example of ways you can verbally and mentally “flip the script”!

Giving and Receiving-Finding the Balance

In the law of abundance, it is essential to understand that life is always about balance. This means that you are open to receiving and giving, and you give as much as you receive. And when we are not in balance, we are not able to manifest what we want.   

Be open to the opportunities to receive gifts of self-care, compliments, love, and support from friends/family, and sharing workloads or responsibilities.  To do this, you have to drop the façade of independence, righteousness, and selfless care in relationships, work, and finances.

Making the Shift

Now that we know that mindset influences our goals and beliefs, the best way to move from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset is to be aware of your scarcity-based thinking patterns.

The exercise completed above gave you a start on identifying which area of your life (financial, relationships, work, social, or personal) you perceive as not “being enough.”

Now that you have flushed out the area that you feel the most limited in, reflect on what it is that you want.

What does abundance in that area look like? What are you doing now that is limiting you from accessing abundance? What can you do to change your situation?

Learning to receive, find what you love, and nurturing feelings of gratefulness can allow each of us to stand on the precipice of change with a clear abundant mindset to move forward.

Please comment on the challenges and changes you are facing in your life and health.  I look forward to your shares as we develop a deeper sense of community in our world.

Susan is a board certified health and wellness coach and an award-winning physical therapist in professional achievement and co-owner of Embody Physiotherapy and Wellness in Sewickley, PA. She is an international instructor of post-professional education in women’s health (including GI issues in women), orthopedic manual therapy, and business psychology. She is the co-founder and board member for the foundation: Global Women’s Health Initiative. She is also the co-host of the 5 five-star podcast, “Tough to Treat,” the guide to treating complex patients, and “The Genius Project,” reframing the treatment of persistent musculoskeletal pain.


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