Prenatal & Perinatal Yoga

Apr 26 2016
Fridays 9:15-10:30 AM

This is a  yoga  practice for mothers-to-be and  for new moms including breathing, core and pelvic floor strengthening, meditation, and movement to support you during this journey.  The body is in constant change, physically, hormonally, and emotionally during pregnancy and in the postpartum and perinatal times. This class allows mom-to-be and new moms explore  change in balance, strength and mobility as you  learn new strength and core development. Prepare for childbirth (and the weeks immediately after)  and restore and revitalize your body and mind as a new mom in this class.

New moms: babies "in arms" (non-mobile) are welcome. 6 weeks is by no means the "recovery time" standard...your body is still recovering, and we encourage enjoying those first weeks caring for yourself and your new family member. If you attend the class before 6 weeks postpartum, we do request a note from your midwife or MD stating OK to return to activity.

If you have any questions about the class, please email or call us at 412-259-5342.