Manual Therapy & Pregnancy

Nov 4 2017 to Nov 5 2017
7:30am November 4 - 5pm November 5th, 2017

Manual Therapy & Pregnancy (Seattle-Renton, WA) + 7 hours Online

PIMA Medical Institute Renton

555 S. Renton Village Place, 2nd Floor

Renton, WA 98057

This hybrid 3-day course (7hr online) will focus on the physical and physiological changes of pregnancy, with the goal of equipping orthopedic manual therapists of varying backgrounds to skillfully and confidently work with pregnant women.  The course will cover relevant anatomy, physiology, and medical precautions necessary for working with an obstetric population, a population that exceeds 3.7 million US women per year.  Specific neurologic and orthopedic topics will be addressed as they relate to the obstetric population including modifications for examination and intervention and common regional dysfunctions.  Contemporary exercise guidelines for pregnancy will be outlined and discussed with particular attention to the role of the physical therapist in rehabilitative and general exercise programming, as well as with respect to factors such as bed rest and obesity.  Special topics in obstetrics will also be presented to provide participants with requisite knowledge on specialty populations, physical issues, and use of braces and supports within obstetrics.   

  • Cost:  $599.00
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  • This course is 2 days on-site and one day on-line.  Two weeks prior to the course, you will receive an email link to the on-line pre-coursework.  One week prior to the course you will receive an emailed link to the course materials.  A flash drive containing the course materials will be provided on the first day of the on-site course.  

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