Empowerment Series: An Afternoon of Women's Wellness and Winter Revitalization

Jan 13 2018
Saturday January 13, 2018 10-12:30PM
Have you been searching for new ways to celebrate yourself, to give yourself some "self-care", and to explore ways to support your body, mind, and soul in the dark days of winter?  Join us for an afternoon of Wellness, and experience self-care techniques that you may incorporate into your routine to Revitalize. Our time will include:
  • Abhyanga Massage, self Ayurvedic oil massage therapy for healing and detoxifying Body, Mind and Spirit. (wear loose fitting clothes, and learn how easily you can give yourself this wonderful gift) 
  • Essential oils to support the change in seasons
  • Breath techniques including cooling, heating, cleansing, and strengthening breaths
  • A gentle Yoga class emphasizing energy, inner balance, and inner strength.  NO EXPERIENCE needed.
  • We will have light refreshments (with recipes) that follow the self-care theme

cost: $20.00 

Join us and celebrate self-care time! 

This Class is ideal for anyone, and is gentle enough to support anyone recovering from illness, surgery, chemo, or simply experiencing the fatigue that  might be experienced from day to day life. Bring a friend, a family member, someone you care about (yourself?).