Sex, Pregnancy, and After. A chat between Susan and Marika Hart

Should I have sex in pregnancy? When should I get back into it after the birth?


Ok, so these are questions that many women want to know the answers to, but perhaps don’t feel comfortable asking their obstetrician or GP about.

So I have done the hard work for you, ladies.

I grabbed the amazing Susan Coel Clinton from Embody PT (Pennsylvania) to ask her the common questions that people have about sex during pregnancy and beyond.

We covered these juicy topics:

  • Is sex ok in pregnancy? What should we be careful of?
  • Why do some women get Braxton Hicks contractions after orgasms while pregnant?
  • When should you attempt intercourse after birth?
  • What kind of lubrication is best?
  • What if you have a third of fourth degree perineal tear?
  • How do you know if pain during sex is because of scar tissue versus a pelvic floor that is spasming?
  • and so much more…

Susan would like to add that it is important that you do NOT ignore medical advice when it comes to returning to sex.

Please also be aware that if you are using condoms, then oil-based lubrication is NOT recommended. (Embody PT note: we have a list that we share with our clients)  

These are conversations that we DO have with our clients at Embody PT, and through the wonders of skype and social media, Susan was consulted by Marika Hart, a Physiotherapist in Australia to share and chat.

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