• Orthopedic and Movement

    Restore and expand your ability to move! Our clients learn to be active with improved motion, strength, and control. They develop improved balance and function with less pain or fear of pain.

  • Pelvic Health and Pain

    We offer solutions for pelvic pain and problems in women and men. We work with the whole person to regain function and improve the quality of life.

  • Pregnancy & Post-Partum

    Having a baby brings about many changes. Our clients learn how to work and exercise safely, improve abdominal, core, and pelvic floor muscle function, resume activity and exercise during pregnancy and after the baby arrives.

  • Performing Arts and Sports

    Because life is a performing art! We treat performance specific problems including dance- and music-related injuries. Our patients lean the influence of posture / alignment on practice and performance, coordination for skill acquisition and resuming activity without pain.

Classes & Workshops

Yoga for Revitalizing and Restoration

Our intention in this class is for improved breath, improved confidence in stability and mobility, and improved ability to find your balance in life. The class is based on Medical Therapeutic Yoga and is appropriate for all, including those with orthopedic and arthritis concerns, spine and neck problems, osteoporosis and bone health concerns, and for individuals during and after cancer treatment...or for someone who wants a class to learn to move DIFFERENTLY.

Why Physical Therapy?

Whether because of pain, injury, illness, or because you are seeking improved ability or wellbeing, we partner with you to achieve goals for better health, movement, and function. Physical Therapists are movement specialists, with strong knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Using this knowledge and hands on techniques, we  help our clients move and feel better.As Physical Therapists, we work with clients at all stages of life. Experience a unique and comprehensive approach to health and wellness, and discover better movement with less pain.

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From the Embody Blog

Advice from 2016 and Moving into 2017

Susan had the opportunity to share "what she learned" in 2016 and some of her goals for 2017. This blog also has insight and comments from a few more of our wonderful PT friends.

Real People. Real Results.

** MJ August 8, 2016 I am eternally thankful I found my way to Embody Physiotherapy. I could not have been in better hands. A lot is expected of you as a patient as far as following through by showing for appointments and being diligent with your home program but you can expect to reap the rewards. I will always be striving to improve to an even better level of function than I am at now. Thankfully, I know that I am now building on a firm foundation that I never had in the past